RITISBBQ aka Rub It Til It Smokes is proud to work with The Shed Saucery on bottling our first original spice blend, RITIS Rub. This rub is not only certifiably delicious, but by supporting its launch you will be a part of the RITISBBQ mission to give back to the people and organizations we believe in.


We are a couple of friends who are both obsessed with backyard BBQ and in 2015 we were invited to participate in the Rockland County Annual Charity Barbecue Festival by organizers who had been following our BBQ adventures on social media. We needed a team name and Rub It Til It Smokes (RITISBBQ) was born.

In the years since, we have volunteered and competed in BBQ related fundraising efforts supporting a wide range of nonprofits and causes, with the latest being a COVID-19 awareness campaign to raise money for area hospitals in need of PPE.

Our growing social media footprint helps spread our mission through development of original content promoting our fundraisers, coverage of our BBQ and cooking, and adventures in dining. In between philanthropic efforts, our Facebook and Twitter pages feature curated news and articles about BBQ and cooking.

Before we get started, here’s how it works

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are not designed to manage a rub project where we plan to both produce our rub and donate the proceeds to charity, therefore RITISBBQ has put together our own campaign management. This campaign will run and ship to the U.S. only.

We are running this in a similar all-or-nothing funding model, which means that if we fail to reach the funding goal (in this case $5,500) we won’t use any of your funds, we will refund our backers and we won’t be obligated to deliver any rewards. We are confident we will meet or exceed our funding goal and need your help spreading the word.

  • When you back this rub project, you will get the first bottled production run of our award winning, original RITIS Rub.
  • Your backing dollars will go toward production and fulfillment, future R&D, marketing, administrative costs, and the remaining money will be donated to community based charitable organizations (e.g. Friends of Firefighters, hunger relief and veteran support organizations).
  • We have a three-fold goal
    • You get to use RITISBBQ’s rub on your own cooks (BBQ or anything, even popcorn).
    • Together, we get to donate 45% of the raised profits to charity.
    • With your support, we can continue to grow and do more fundraisers like this one in the future.

Proceeds from this campaign will be donated to community based charitable organizations (e.g. Friends of Firefighters, hunger relief and veteran support organizations).

Our goal is to have bottles of rub produced by The Shed Saucery within 30 days of the campaign end, product shipped to NJ and fulfill/ship to you by end of February 2021. If we exceed 1000 orders, we will re-evaluate The Shed Saucery’s production schedule and communicate back to those pledges above the initial 1000.

RITISBBQ is proud to have supported various organizations through BBQ events and fundraisers since our establishment in 2015 including…