A COVID-19 PSA from Our BBQ Family

These are unfamiliar and difficult times and we want to do what we can to contribute to our healthcare workers’ well being instead of hunkering in silence. In response to the United Nations OPEN BRIEF: Global Call to Creatives for COVID-19, we’ve started a #PSA campaign with messages of safety and well-being targeting the BBQ community and leveraging our influence across social media as a communication platform.

We rallied several tri-state area BBQ pitmasters and restaurants to help spread the word, starting with a handful of stylized messages around #socialdistancing and leveraging the creative minds of friends with backgrounds ranging from HCP’s to creatives to help continue to generate fresh content.

We are also partnered with a printer to produce shirts reinforcing these messages. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts will be donated to local hospitals who’s heroes desperately need supplies during this crazy time.

Stay safe and thank you!

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